A Flash puzzle game prototype about managing female perceptions in order to get phone numbers.

Lemme Git Yo' Numba Screenshot
"Welcome to the internet dating scene, where it's less about who you are and more about who they think you are. Truth is overrated anyhow. So what are you waiting for, playa? Get out there, spin like crazy, and get some digits!"

Each "level" is a girl whose ideal mate can be described according to five metrics: Rich, Funny, Smart, Confident and Nice. The player takes a series of turns, called "spins," boosting her perception in any one category at the expense of another. The player may also "fish" for a hint as to what kind of guy the girl is looking for. At any time, the player may attempt to "close" by asking for the girl's number. If she's interested, he wins and moves on to the next level; but if he doesn't seem like her type or he dilly-dallies for too many turns, he loses and the game ends.


A strategic board game about second-guessing.

Players engage in a series of short rounds with a pace somewhere between "Rock, Paper, Scissors" and poker. Players move their pieces according to simultaneously-revealed bids -- but since a player's bid could also potentially move his or her opponent's piece, he or she must try to stay inside the opponent's head and always think one step ahead.