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A Flash/iOS/Android game about slaughtering innocent forest creatures.

Super Elk Murder 2011 Gameplay Screenshot

Super Elk Murder HD is a classic arcade-style shooting gallery game.

Super Elk Murder 2011 Headshot Screenshot

This carefree, blood-drenched romp is loaded with combos, multikills, and other bonuses.

Super Elk Murder 2011 News Screenshot

As you progress from one round to the next, watch your fame grow from unnamed killer to celebrity serial murderer extraordinaire.

Super Elk Murder 2011 Leaderboard Screenshot

Load and save your high scores to compare with friends and family as a psychological proxy for other insecurities.

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A Flash adventure game about the end of the world by Mad Rat Labs.

Protocol Main Menu

I was Lead Programmer / Narrative Designer on this project, which was made entirely from scratch (no engine) in Flash and ActionScript 3 over the course of ten weeks by a four-person team of students at L.A. Film School.

Protocol Hostiles Screenshot

You play as Agent Cordero (gray boat), a special operative of the Omega Protocol who has been dispatched to save the world from destruction.

Protocol Mayhem Screenshot

The player must avoid obstacles and collect power-ups in order to survive the epic, arcade-style adventure.